How to Post Native Twitter Images Through Hootsuite

I commonly see people complain about posting images to Twitter through Hootsuite because it does not post the actual image as a native Twitter image, but rather an link. It’s definitely an issue that would be annoying and even infuriating if that was the only option Hootsuite gave us. I know people who have even written Hootsuite off solely for this reason…and it’s so sad because there is a very simple solution to the problem!!

Did you know Hootsuite gives you an option to post images to Twitter as an link OR as a native image? I’ll show you where to change this setting here:

Hootsuite Network Settings
Once you get into your Twitter settings, there is an easy drop-down selector to change how Hootsuite posts images to your Twitter account. 

Hootsuite Twitter Settings
It’s that easy! Have fun tweeting!